Spices & Seasonings Vkl

Soups :

Constituting of spices and veggies in a savoury mix, these pre-mixes give you the perfect soup to start your menu with.
Just blend it with hot water.

  • Garden fresh
  • Hot and sour base
  • Creamy sweet corn base


Packing all the the ingredients in a beautiful blend, the chinese bases are a must have in the menu.

  • Chinese chilly base
  • Chinese schezwan base
  • Chinese manchurian base


  • Hyderabadi biryani (gravy base)
  • Lucknowi biryani (gravy base)
  • Chinese fried rice (all purpose)


Great for making those delicious side dishes.

  • Tandoori tikka base
  • Hariyali tikka base
  • Malai tikka base


The gravy/curry bases for the main course have all the requisite spices in an optimum proportion to give you the most authentic preparation, whether indian or any other cuisine.

  • Makhani gravy base
  • Sambhar gravy base
  • Chole gravy base


These pre-mixes provide easy bakery solutions for mouth-watering pizzas.

  • Pizza dough premix
  • Pizza sauce premix


Want to give a different flavour to your existing products?
Be it french fries or nuggets, fried chicken or fish, salads or sandwiches, or any other preparations!
Our sprinkler range is more than capable of providing that twist in taste!

  • Oregano spice sprinkler
  • Chilli flakes sprinkler
  • Italian sprinkler
  • Lemon chilli sprinkler
  • Lemon pepper sprinkler
  • Chilli garlic sprinkler
  • Piri piri sprinkler


To get that balance of juiciness and flavour in your meat, all you need is a few hours of marination, coating with our breading mixes, then fry and you can give the best crisps on multiple substrates.

  • Spicy chicken base (chicken 65)
  • Spicy grill marinade
  • Extra hot and spicy marinade
  • Piri piri marinade
  • Chilli spice marinade


  • Mild breading mix
  • Breading mix
  • Crispy cajun breading mix

Beverage Mix:

Easy to make, thirst quenchers!
  • Spicy lemonade
  • Fresh lime

Enhancers & Spice Mix:

With a spice heritage of over eight decades, vkl provide you
with the best quality spice mixes for a perfect food aroma.

  • Garam masala
  • Fine aromatic flavour booster
  • Chicken broth base


Get a completely new and exciting flavour in your mayonnaise or tomato sauce with our dry mixes range.

  • Mango jalapeño dip seasoning
  • American bbq dip seasoning
  • Mexican salsa dip seasoning
  • Olive and herb dip seasoning

Sauce Base:

These bases provide the right mix of spices required for those delicious pastas and other preparations.
  • Brown sauce base (demi glace)
  • Creamy pesto sauce base
  • Italian tomato sauce base
  • Cheesy white sauce base

Dessert Premix:

Complete your menu with these hot and cold dessert pre-mixes and win the sweet cravings of your customers.

  • Chocolate dessert base
  • Chocolava premix


  • Oregano spice sprinkler
  • Hot chilli flakes


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